Pin Parvati Pass trek is one of the most famous and challenging trekking route Himachal Pradesh. Pink Parvati pass trek begins from the lush green Apple Valley of Kullu with its hot springs and meadows covered with alpine flowers. Rich forests, steep cliffs, and spectacular waterfalls complement the scenery on the trail. Passing temporary shepherds settlements, the valley opens as we go higher giving way to views of the neighboring peaks and glaciers. The final haul over the Pin Parvati is done in the early hours to reach the pass before noon. The pass at 5400m offers superb views of the snow-covered peaks of Kinnaur, the Kulu Eiger, and views across Spiti. The scenery changes once you cross the pass into the Pin and then the wide field at Spiti valley with barley terraces on the valley sides with rocky cliffs towering high. Mani (prayer) walls line the village path with its stone houses. A few days are spent in visiting the ancient and dramatically situated monasteries before we drive across the Kunzumla pass to end in the well known hill station town of Manali.

Stark changes in Landscape, Glacial Manthalai Lake
Most stunning scenery, Hot sulphur bath at Khir Ganga
Panoramic views of numerous peaks from the pass

Region: Himachal Himalaya
Grade: Strenuous
Duration: 16 Night & 17 Days / 7 Nights Hotel, 9Nights Camping, 9 Days Trekking
Best Time: June, July, August & October