The Green Lake trekking Area in northern Sikkim even though open to tourists, still require special restricted area permits to visit. The lake though has drained out into the adjacent Zemu glacier. The absence of the lake is compensated with splendid views all around with Kanchenjunga towering above. The peaks of Simvo are just a short distance away. In late spring between mid May and June, the valleys of North Sikkim are filled with a variety of flowers like rhododendrons, blue poppies and primulaes.

Stunning views of Kanchenjunga and other peaks,
The perfectly symmetrical Mt Siniolchu

Region: Sikkim Himalaya
Grade: Moderate
Duration: 15Night & 16 Days / 7 Nights Hotel, 8Nights Camping, 9 Days Trekking
Best Time: May & June